Sowi Engineering About Us

Controlled Automatic Shutter
Controlled Automatic Shutter

Sowi Engineering, with its 20 years of industry experience, operates in the production and assembly of collapsible mobile systems for all Business and Living areas such as Home, Workplace and Industrial buildings.

Company; Shutter systems, Shutters, Garage Doors, Industrial doors, Automatic curtains and Pergola and Awning systems in the production and assembly stages, providing consumers with solutions that provide an increasing level of added value.

The products produced within Sowi Engineering are sent to many countries abroad, especially Turkey. Sowi Engineering contributes to the creation of safer, more efficient work and living spaces. Thus, it continues to provide added value to the country's economy and consumers in many direct and indirect issues.

The company's basic strategy; It has been created with a focus on providing products and services that are identical with Quality, Diversity and Technology. With these goals, Sowi Engineering continues to provide its customers with Security, Efficiency, Energy Saving, Privacy and Comfort.

Fields of Activity

automatic window blinds
Automatic Window Shutter

Sowi Engineering has created strategies focused on the needs of end consumers in its fields of activity. In the light of the expectations and needs of the users, it produces solutions for the needs of mobile opening and closing systems of Home, Workplace, Factory and Commercial buildings. The basic principle of the company; to provide the highest added value to the end users by meeting their demands.

Sowi Engineering has gained a respectable place in the sector in a short time with its investment in knowledge, production and service understanding in line with superior quality understanding, technological investments, modern and dynamic structure. The experienced staff of the company sheds light on the adventure of being among the leading companies of the sector and Turkey, with its principle of meeting the needs of the consumer by adhering to the principle of satisfied customers. With these aims and objectives, Sowi Engineering continues its activities in the entire Marmara region.

Sowi Engineering, which provides economic and physical added value to the consumers and the development of the country, carries out the following activities.

  • Manufacturing, assembly and sales activities for galvanized steel shutter products,
  • Manufacturing, assembly and sales activities for aluminum shutter products,
  • Manufacturing, assembly and sales activities for Automatic Shutter products,
  • Manufacturing and assembly activities of products for automatic door products (photocell door, sectional door, fast PVC door),
  • Manufacturing, assembly and sales activities for Motorized Pergola and Awning products,
  • Manufacturing and sales activities for Motorized Guillotine glass systems and Zip curtain products
  • Manufacturing, assembly and sales activities for barrier systems and garden gate automation systems,
  • Manufacturing and assembly services of motorized curtain products (roller blinds, wooden blinds, circulation curtains, pleated curtains).