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What are Curtain Systems?

Curtain systems are decorative and functional products used to cover and hide windows or other openings, control light or provide privacy. Curtain systems are used in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and many other places. Here are the types of curtain systems:

  1. Roller Blinds: Roller blinds can be rolled up and allow the fabric to completely or partially cover the window. These curtains offer a modern and stylish look. There are options with motor, remote control or button.
  2. Vertical Roller Blinds: Vertical Roller Blinds are often used to cover large glass surfaces. They consist of vertical strips moving in one direction and light control can be done by on-off operation.
  3. Pleat curtain: It is a kind of window covering system that has a foldable and stackable structure. The term “pleat” refers to the folding and overlapping of the fabrics or materials of these curtains. Pleated curtains are usually made of plain or fold-patterned fabrics and are used to partially or completely cover the window.
  4. Wintergarden: It is a special type of interior, covered with large glass walls and roof, where plants are grown or used as an exhibition space. wintergarden, "Winter garden" or "greenhouse" Also called. These structures may have special heating and cooling systems to provide temperature control, thus creating a suitable environment for plants or people to spend time in comfort.
  5. folding ceiling curtain: It is a type of curtain that is usually mounted on ceilings and used to cover the upper part of a space or to add a decorative element. These curtains can be designed straight or folded and offer a variety of materials and colors to suit different spaces.
  6. exterior roller blinds: It is a special curtain system mounted on the exterior of buildings and used for purposes such as controlling sunlight, reducing heat and protecting from outside eyes. These curtains are generally preferred in buildings with large glass surfaces, especially in offices or commercial buildings.
  7. Roller rail curtain: It is a type of rail curtain systems. These curtains are a modern window covering solution used specifically to cover large glass surfaces, control sunlight and provide privacy. The circulating rail curtains are mounted on a special rail system and are opened and closed by circulating on these rails.
  8. Blind Curtain: They are functional and aesthetic products used for window covering and solar control. They usually consist of thin strips called horizontal or vertical lamellas, and by opening and closing these lamellas, the amount of light and privacy can be regulated.

Curtain systems may differ in terms of functionality, decorative features and material options. It is important to choose a curtain system that suits the needs and decoration style of your home or workplace.


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What We Produce
Curtain Systems

Types of Curtain Systems

Roller Blinds

A roller blind is a type of window curtain that is used as a window covering and is usually installed inside a space. Roller blinds are a popular window covering solution that combines functionality and aesthetics.


Vertical Roller Blinds

Vertical roller blinds are window covering systems that are often used to cover large glass surfaces, control light and provide privacy. There are usage options such as automatic, motorized, remote controlled and buttoned.


Pleat Curtain

Pleat curtain is a type of foldable and stackable curtains used as a window covering system. Pleated curtains have a modern and stylish look and are often preferred as window coverings indoors.


Winter Garden Wintergarden

Wintergarden refers to a type of building and represents a private interior space, usually covered with large glass walls and roof, where indoor plants are grown or used as an exhibition space. Wintergarden is also called "winter garden" or "greenhouse".


Folded Ceiling Curtain

Pleated ceiling curtains are curtains that are usually mounted on the ceiling surface, but they do not always require such a mounting method. Installation of folding ceiling curtains may vary depending on the intended use and preferences.


Exterior Roller Blinds

Exterior roller blinds are a special curtain system that is mounted on the exterior of buildings and is generally used to control sunlight, reduce heat, save energy and protect from outside eyes.


Traged Rail Curtain

Roller rail curtains are curtains that are usually mounted on a rail system and move on this rail system. The purpose and design of this curtain type can be of different types and styles.


Blinds Curtain

Blinds are a window covering system that consists of thin strips, usually arranged horizontally. These strips are usually made of materials such as aluminum, wood or plastic and can be angled at different angles.


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