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What is Automatic Shutter?

Automatic shutter: The Modern Face of Comfort and Safety

automatic shutters, Today, it stands out as an important component of comfort and safety in homes and workplaces. These smart systems transform your living spaces with their ease of use and modern design while providing protection from external factors. automatic shutters, offers solutions for your needs with various options. Automatic shutter types suitable for the needs of every space both increase your comfort and maximize your security.

  1. Aluminum Automatic Shutters: Made of durable aluminum material, these shutters provide both aesthetics and security with their light and robust structure. It adapts to your space with its wide color options and modern design.
  2. Steel Automatic Shutters: Thanks to the durability of the steel material, steel shutters, which maximize your security, can be the choice of workplaces. It also attracts attention with its elegant design.
  3. Micro Perforated Automatic Shutters: Micro-perforated shutters, which both protect the view from the outside and provide ventilation of the interior, also help save energy.
  4. Transparent Automatic Shutters: Transparent shutters that cover the display areas of shop windows or workplaces provide visibility while keeping your products out of sight.
  5. Garage Automatic Shutters: Automatic garage shutters offer ease of use and remote control while keeping your vehicle safe.
  6. Shutters Specific to Application Areas: There are automatic shutter options that offer special design and functionality for different areas such as restaurants, hotels, warehouses.

Each type of automatic shutter offers unique features that provide tailored comfort and security. Automatic shutters, which are an indispensable part of modern life, increase your quality of life by adding value to your spaces with their aesthetic design.

Types of Shutter System We Produce:

Aluminum Automatic Shutters, Steel Automatic Shutters, Micro Perforated Shutters, Transparent Automatic Shutters, Garage Shutter Systems, Special Design Shutters, Polyurethane Filled Shutter, Fire Resistant Galvanized Steel Shutter, Industrial Type Steel Rolling Shutter, Shop Shutters


As Sowi Engineering, Aluminum and Steel Automatic Shutter systems in Istanbul always the most suitable for our customers in the production and assembly Shutter m2 prices We try to offer.

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Aluminum Automatic Shutter

Automatic SHUTTER m2 (Square meter) prices

Shutter Pricesvaries according to location and various features of the shutter. Detailed information is required to give an exact price.

affordable Shutter Do not ignore quality when searching. Our company offers a 2-year on-site warranty on all its products. It offers a 5 year engine warranty. Bir çok firma bu garanti süreçlerine riayet etmezler bu yüzden toplamda %10-20 fiyat avantajları bulunur.

Shutter types according to usage areas

Automatic Aluminum Shutter

Made of durable aluminum material, these shutters provide both aesthetics and security with their light and robust structure. With its wide color options and modern design adapts to your space.

Aluminum Shutter

Automatic Aluminum Shutter

Steel Automatic Shutter

Durability of steel material Steel shutters, which take your security to the highest level, can be the choice of workplaces. It also attracts attention with its elegant design.

Automatic Shutters Istanbul

Steel Shutter

Micro Perforated Shutter

both protecting the outside view The micro-perforated shutters, which provide ventilation of the interior as well as the interior, also help save energy.

Automatic Shutters Istanbul

Micro Perforated Shutter

Transparent Shutter

Transparent shutters that cover the display areas of shop windows or workplaces, Provides visibility while keeping your products out of sight. It is used in modern and stylish stores.

Transparent Shutter

Transparent Shutter

Garage Automatic Shutter

automatic garage shuttersoffers ease of use and remote control while keeping your vehicle safe. It provides high security to your garages.

Automatic Shutters Istanbul

Garage Shutter

Polyurethane Filled Shutter

Polyurethane filled shutters are placed between durable aluminum or steel materials. produced by adding polyurethane filler It is a type of blind. It saves heat, sound and energy.

Automatic Shutters Istanbul

Garage Shutter

Industrial Type Rolling Shutter

Industrial type rolling shutters are shutter systems for security and protection purposes, especially used in commercial and industrial areas. This type of shutters It works by being wrapped in specially designed spiral boxes.

Automatic Shutters Istanbul

Industrial Type Rolling Shutter

Fire Resistant Shutter

Fire resistant shutters are shutter systems designed especially to ensure the safety of life and property in case of fire. Thanks to specially developed materials and structure resists high temperature and creates an effective barrier to prevent the spread of fire.

Fire Resistant Galvanized Shutter

Fire Resistant Shutter

Shop Shutters

Store shutters are shutter systems used to protect the showcases of commercial enterprises, to ensure night safety and to use them as advertising space when necessary. These shutters, which are usually made of aluminum or steel materials, It provides durability and protection against external factors.

shop shutter

Store Shutter

Shutter Application Video

Garage Shutter Application Video

Automatic Shutter FEATURES

Automatic Shutter Features: The Key to a Comfortable and Safe Life

Automatic shutters combine aesthetics, security and ease of use in a wide range of uses from homes to workplaces today. Here are the most remarkable features of automatic shutters:

  1. Remote control: Automatic shutters can be opened and closed easily with a remote control. This feature provides users with great ease of use.
  2. Smart Automation: Some models can be integrated with smart home systems. In this way, you can automatically control the blinds according to the hours you set or the sunlight.
  3. Security Lock: Automatic shutters provide protection against external interventions thanks to the security lock when lowered. This increases the security of your home or workplace.
  4. Timers: Users can set the blinds to open or close at specific times. This not only saves energy, but also ensures that spaces are safe.
  5. 5. Durable Materials: Automatic shutters are produced from durable materials such as aluminum or steel. These materials provide longevity as well as being weather resistant.
  6. Heat and Sound Insulation: Automatic shutters create a comfortable environment by increasing the heat and sound insulation of the interior. These features provide energy savings and a peaceful living space.

automatic shutters, It stands out as a functional and aesthetic product that meets the requirements of modern life. It increases the quality of life by ensuring the safety of users, saving energy and making living spaces comfortable.

Sample pictures from our blinds projects

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