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What are Blind Systems?

jalousie systems, They are functional and aesthetic products used for window covering and solar control. They usually consist of thin strips called horizontal or vertical lamellas, and by opening and closing these lamellas, the amount of light and privacy can be regulated. Blind systems are widely used in both indoor and outdoor applications. These systems offer a wide range of uses and come in many different varieties.

Types of Blind Systems

  1. Aluminum Blinds: Made of durable aluminum material, these blinds are resistant to external influences and have a long service life. They can be used indoors and outdoors.
  2. Wooden Blinds: Offering an aesthetic touch, wooden blinds create a warm atmosphere indoors. They are generally preferred for decorative purposes.
  3. Vertical Blinds: These systems consist of vertical lamellas and are generally ideal for large windows or doors. In addition to controlling the light horizontally, they provide a vertical control.
  4. Exterior Blinds: These blinds, which are mounted on the exterior of the building, are used to control sunlight and temperature. They provide energy efficiency.
  5. Automatic Blinds: Motorized or remote controlled blinds offer ease of use and can be integrated with automation.

Blind systems provide users with light control, privacy, energy savings and an aesthetic appearance. It is available in different colors and patterns suitable for interior decoration. They are also effective for sun protection and temperature control in exterior applications. Therefore, they are a widely preferred window covering option in homes, offices, hotels and commercial areas.


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Blind Systems

Blind System Types

Exterior Blind Systems

Exterior sun shading blinds is a special window covering that has become an indispensable part of modern building design. This special design provides both an aesthetic appeal and an environmentally friendly energy saving by being mounted on the exterior surfaces of the buildings.


Aluminum Blind Systems

Aluminum blinds are window coverings consisting of horizontal strips called thin aluminum lamellas. They are usually mounted in the window frame and the amount of light and privacy can be easily controlled by opening and closing the slats. These curtains are a popular window covering option that combines aesthetics and functionality.


Wooden Blind Systems

Wooden blinds are one of the window covering options that perfectly combine natural beauty and functionality. These curtains are made of thin wooden planks and are mounted on the window opening to control sunlight, provide privacy and add an aesthetic touch.


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