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Glass Balcony Product General Features

The general features of the glass balcony systems we produce are below.

  • Glass: 8 mm Transparent Tempered Glass, Extra durable and Thermal Insulated option
  • Dimensions: Special Production Height and Width, production according to your size
  • Aluminum Profile Color: Metallic, Natural Anodized, RAL. Production is made in desired colors. You choose your color
  • Aluminum Profile Wall Thickness: 1.2mm and 1.6mm
  • Glass Color: Transparent – Smoked – Green – Blue
  • Profile Base: It may be with or without threshold.
glass balconies There are three modern types used in systems. These; Sliding / Sliding Glass System, Folding Glass Systems, Guillotine Glass Systems
Glass Balconies; It provides sound and heat insulation, It provides a stylish appearance, It can be cleaned very easily, It always maintains the internal temperature, It provides security, There are more than one model for the glass balconies you prefer in your home or office.


Sowi Engineering, In Istanbul GLASS BALCONY It offers quality, customer-oriented production and installation services of its systems. We always provide our customers with the most affordable and high quality services. m2 prices of glass balconies We try to offer.

It is compatible with any balcony or space. Glass Balcony Systems for Get a quote quickly.

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In glass balcony systems Manufacturers generally do not undertake assembly operations. We eliminate this problem by doing both production and assembly.

GLASS BALCONY m2 (Square Meter) prices

Glass Balcony prices, models, Istanbul Installation IncludedGlass balcony pricesIt varies depending on a number of factors such as the type and quality of glass used, profile material, assembly and installation costs, size, design and features, additional features, brand and manufacturer, geographical location.

Therefore usually On the Glass Balcony Giving a fixed m2 price does not give accurate results. The customer is interviewed and the requests are determined, and the offer price is created through the automatic pricing system.


Glass Balconies Prices are created by multiplying 3 lengths. Height * Width * Depth gives us the exact dimensions. After clear measurements, the program used automatically creates the price based on factors such as the system to be used, the desired color, the type of aluminum, the installation location, where the installation will be made in the building, whether the glass is double-glazed or not.


In balcony installations You should choose professional companies. Our company works with experienced installation teams who are experts in this field.

Modern glass balcony types and stylish models

Sliding / Sliding Glass Balcony

Sliding or by other name sliding glass systems consist of ergonomic, stylish-looking clear glass panels that slide on top and bottom aluminum rails. Thanks to its sliding use, it is very easy to open and close, you can open and close the doors with one finger. With its aesthetic designs and functionality sliding glass balconiesIt is very popular with its functionality in modern living spaces. It is compatible with any balcony or space. Click for details.

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Folding Glass Balcony

Folding glass systems have stylish, aesthetic and modern designs that usually slide on the upper and lower rails and can be folded. clear glass panels Contains. Users can easily open and close their balconies whenever they want by folding the glass panels. Folding glass balconiesIt attracts attention with its aesthetic designs and ease of use, protects interior spaces against external weather conditions and offers a wide view at the same time. It is compatible with any balcony or space. Click for details.

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Guillotine Glass Balcony

Guillotine glass systemis an aesthetic, modern and simple design solution that includes glass panels that open and close with vertical movement. Guillotine Glass system, the glass panels easily move up and down on a rail at the top. Users, glass panels They can protect their interior spaces from outside weather conditions by positioning them in any position they want, or they can open them and create a transition between indoor and outdoor areas. It is compatible with any balcony or space. Click for details.

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What is Glass Balcony?

Folding Glass Balcony ApplicationIt is a modern facade system generally used in open areas such as terraces, balconies or gardens. This system is especially preferred for areas that need protection against weather conditions and external factors such as wind, rain or cold weather. Glass balconies cover open areas, making them more useful and sheltered. Most importantly, it is one of the places we want to go to when we want to relax.

Glass balcony with double glazingIt differs from standard glass balconies in terms of both visuality and function, making the balcony a useful room in the house.

Types of glass balconies are as follows:

  1. Sliding Glass Balconies: These types of balconies usually consist of glass panels supported by sturdy aluminum profiles. The glass panels are slide-mounted together so they can be opened and closed. Wider glass panels, carried by larger 0 stainless wheels, operate very smoothly and comfortably.
  2. Foldable Glass Balconies: In this system, glass panels are generally connected to each other with hinges or sliding mechanisms. They can be folded when needed, allowing an open space to be quickly covered.
  3. Fixed Glass Balconies: These types of glass balconies usually consist of fixed glass panels. It doesn't have the on/off feature, but it generally costs less and has a simpler design.
  4. Glass Balconies with Double Glazing System: Special double glazing glasses can be used in such glass balconies to increase thermal insulation and make the interior more comfortable. These glasses save energy and help with temperature control.

glass balconies can often have preferred features depending on user needs and budget. While these systems make open spaces more useful, they also provide protection against external factors.

GLASS BALCONY application pictures

Glass Balcony Advantages

Various Advantages of Glass Balcony Systems

  1. Energy-saving: Thanks to double glazing technology, glass balconies save energy and maintain temperature indoors.
  2. Durability: Aluminum profiles and high-quality glass materials ensure that glass balconies are long-lasting and durable.
  3. Flexible Design: Their sliding or folding designs provide the flexibility to create an open or closed space to suit seasonal changes.
  4. Expanding Living Space: You can use your balcony in all seasons. The transparency of the windows allows you to fully experience the view outside inside.
  5. Natural Light: Glass balconies provide a bright and spacious atmosphere by carrying more natural light into the interior spaces.
  6. Aesthetic Design: With their modern and stylish appearance, glass balconies make an aesthetic contribution to living spaces. You can give your balcony a modern look. It provides a modern and stylish appearance thanks to frameless glass panels.
  7. Resistance to Weather Conditions: Glass balconies provide protection against external factors such as wind, rain or cold weather. 0 stands out with its erasability, security, ease of use and insulation.
  8. Increased Comfort: Glass balconies create a more comfortable environment indoors with features such as heat insulation and sound insulation.