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Industrial Shutter

Industrial type rolling shutters are rolling shutter systems used in large areas where large vehicles such as trucks and lorries can enter and exit. They are used in large factories and large warehouse areas, so they are also called factory shutters.

The design of industrial type rolling shutters is designed to be used in factories. It is very useful and ergonomic thanks to its space-saving designs. It makes it possible to approach the crane system enough to save the automatic shutter winding share in the factories. The motors used in motorized factory shutters are determined according to the area of use, frequency of use and shutter size.

Industrial type automatic shutters can be produced from galvanized sheet material or aluminum material. As with other shutters, material selection in industrial shutters is determined according to needs.

Galvanized shutters have high impact resistance and strength, providing a higher level of security than aluminum shutters. They are extremely durable and long lasting. The fact that the raw material used in the shutters is galvanized and electrostatic powder painted increases the resistance against external factors and corrosion. Rolling shutters, which can be used for many years without rusting with their high galvanized sheet quality, offer color options in accordance with the request and general building appearance.

Aluminum industrial shutters, on the other hand, are more preferred for densely used areas that require frequent opening and closing. In addition, Aluminum Extrusion Shutter is the ideal choice for our customers who want longer life due to the stainless feature of aluminum and who need shutters in areas and areas where external conditions that will adversely affect the shutter system are more common.

Industrial type automatic shutters have many control system options such as control panel, button, radar, photocell, card or remote control. It is also possible to turn it off and on manually in case of power cuts.

Industrial type shutter prices are specially calculated by taking into account variables such as the square meter price of the rolling shutter, the size of the area, the area where the shutter will be installed, and the type of motor to be used. It is enough to contact us to get your industrial rolling shutter price quote.

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