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What is Monoblock Boxed Blinds?

Monoblock Boxed Blinds: Ideal Blinds Solution for Your Modern and Stylish Homes!

Unlike traditional shutter systems, monoblock box shutters It is integrated into a specially designed aluminum box. This design not only makes the blinds look neater, but also simplifies the assembly process. Users can use this integrated system into their homes or workplaces. with modern shutter systems They both provide protection against damage from external factors and save energy.

Monoblock boxed shutter systemsIt is an excellent option to meet your demands in terms of safety, energy saving and aesthetics. These modern solutions, which you can use in your home or workplace, will increase your quality of life with their practical use and attractive appearance. These shutter systems, which are resistant to all weather conditions, long lasting and easy to use, will delight you by adding value to your spaces.

It is one of the best blinds solutions with its remote control, button and various color options.

Types of shutter systems we produce:

Automatic Shutter Systems, Manual Shutter Systems, Blinds For Home, Shutters for Office and Workplaces, Window Shutters, Balcony Shutters, Venetian Blinds, Monoblock Shutter Systems, Outboard Louver Systems, With Detail Box – Concealed Shutter Systems, Aluminum Shutter Systems


As Sowi Engineering company, Aluminum in Istanbul Monoblock Boxed Blinds We always provide the best fit for our customers in the production and assembly of systems. blinds m2 prices We try to offer.

Remote Controlled Monoblock Boxed Blinds or Buttoned Monoblock Boxed Blinds if you need systems You can get a quick quote.

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Monoblock blinds

Aluminum Monoblock Boxed Shutter

MONOBLOCK BOXED blinds per m2 (Square meter) prices

Monoblock Boxed Blinds pricesPrices vary according to location and various features. Detailed information is required to give an exact price.

Do not ignore quality when looking for affordable Aluminum Monoblock boxed blinds. best price of monoblock boxed blinds We offer blinds in different sizes and specifications for You can obtain a long-lasting and useful product by choosing the one that suits your needs while choosing your blinds. Choose us at affordable prices high quality blinds enjoy having it. Make your home and workplace more useful with our blinds suitable for your needs.

Aluminum Monoblock Shutter Application Video

Window Monoblock Shutter Application Video

Aluminum Monoblock louver FEATURES

Monoblock Shutter Features: Where Aesthetics, Safety and Comfort Meet

Aluminum monoblock Box LouverToday, window and door systems of homes and workplaces continue to evolve with the pursuit of more functionality, security and aesthetics. At this point, monoblock shutter systems stand out as an innovative solution that meets the expectations of modern life and offers a number of advantages.

1. Aesthetic Design and Wide Color Options: Monoblock louver systems include louvers integrated into special boxes, which provides a more organized and stylish appearance. In addition, thanks to its wide color options, you can choose the blinds suitable for the design of your home or workplace.

2. Safety Oriented Design: Monoblock shutters offer an effective solution to increase the safety of homes and businesses. With its durable material and design, it provides an additional barrier against potential theft attempts, protecting you and your property.

3. Heat and Sound Insulation: These louver systems allow you to better control the indoor temperature thanks to their insulating properties. While it reduces heat loss in winter, it keeps the coolness inside in summer. It also significantly reduces external noise thanks to its sound insulation.

4. Automation and Remote Control: Monoblock blinds are often automatic and can be remotely controlled. This feature provides ease of use and comfort. It can be integrated with smart home systems and offers remote management.

5. Durability and Longevity: Monoblock blinds made of quality materials are long-lasting and durable. Thanks to its resistance to weather conditions, it maintains its functionality for many years.

6. Energy Saving: In addition to thermal insulation, monoblock blinds save energy. It helps to reduce your heating and cooling costs by preventing heat loss.

7. Easy Assembly and Maintenance: Monoblock design makes it easy to install louver. It also saves you time and money in the long run thanks to its low maintenance requirements.

In conclusion, monoblock shutter systems, offers the perfect combination of aesthetics, safety and comfort. This innovative solution, which you can use in your homes and workplaces, not only meets the requirements of modern life, but also makes your living spaces more functional and attractive. Monoblock blinds are an ideal choice to increase your quality of life with their features such as thermal insulation, security and remote control.

MONOBLOCK blinds types according to usage areas

Monoblock Balcony Blinds

Balcony Blindsbalcony shutteris a shutter system mounted on balconies. These blinds are used to control the sun's rays, protection against external factors and helps to create a private living space. balcony blindscombines aesthetics and functionality, and offers solutions that meet the needs of users.

Monoblock Window Shutter

Window Shutterwindow blindis a shutter system mounted on windows. These blinds help control light transmission, regulate temperature and block the sun's rays. window blindsIt saves energy, offers privacy and increases the comfort of users by providing protection against external factors. It is a preferred option with its aesthetic appearance and practical use.

Monoblock Blinds Other Uses

1. Types of Domestic Monoblock Shutters:

  • Window Monoblock Blinds: It is used to close windows and provide security in homes. It provides an appearance suitable for the style of the house with its aesthetic design options.
  • Balcony Monoblock Shutters: They provide protection against external factors such as wind, sun and rain by closing the balcony or terrace openings.
  • Patio Monoblock Shutters: Ideal for protecting open areas such as patios or porches. It is preferred both for protection from the sun and for creating a private area.

2. Types of Commercial Monoblock Shutters:

  • Store Monoblock Shutters: Used to securely close shop windows and protect billboards. It also provides night safety.
  • Office Monoblock Shutters: By closing the windows of the workplaces, they provide both security and control the indoor temperature. Automation options simplify office management.
  • Restaurant Monoblock Shutters: It is preferred to protect the exterior areas of restaurants and to create a special ambiance. Provides protection against weather conditions.

3. Types of Industrial Monoblock Shutters:

  • Warehouse Monoblock Shutters: Used in industrial areas such as warehouses or logistics centers. It is a durable solution for closing large openings and protecting materials.
  • Factory Monoblock Shutters: By closing the entrance areas of the factories, they both provide security and protect the interior from weather conditions. It is suitable for large-scale use.

4. Types of Monoblock Shutters for Hotels and Accommodation Facilities:

  • Hotel Monoblock Shutters: They are used in hotels to close the windows of the rooms, to provide security and to increase the comfort of the guests. Remote control options make it easy for guests to use.
  • Holiday Village Monoblock Shutters: It provides a special area for guests by closing open areas in holiday villages and accommodation facilities. With its aesthetic design, it adapts to the atmosphere of the facility.

There are different types of monoblock blinds according to the needs and characteristics of each usage area. These varieties are designed to meet different requirements such as safety, comfort and energy saving.


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