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Pergola Systems

Pergola systems are systems that protect open areas from sun, rain and other external factors and increase the comfort of living spaces. Pergolas are generally made of wood, metal or aluminum materials.


Bioclimatic Curtain | pergola

IBioclimatic curtains consist of movable panels called lamellas. These panels are usually made of aluminum and can be opened and closed at different angles. By adjusting the angle of the panels, it is possible to control the amount of sunlight, air flow and temperature. Another name for bioclimatic curtain; bioclimatic pergola


Rolling Roof

Rolling roofs are roof systems consisting of panels that can be opened and closed. These panels can be opened and closed by a motor or manually. When the panels are opened, the roof is open and provides ventilation and natural light. When the panels are closed, the roof is closed and protects from external factors. The difference between it and the bioclimatic pergola is that the panels of the Rolling roof can be folded (collected) backwards.


Awning Systems

Awning systems are one of the best ways to protect and decorate outdoor spaces. They offer the perfect solution for protection from sun, rain, wind and other weather conditions. They also help give an aesthetic appearance to outdoor spaces.


Guillotine Glass

Guillotine glass systems are an excellent option for a modern and stylish space design. These systems, consisting of vertically moving glass panels, can be opened and closed with a motor or manually.

Guillotine glass systems are a great way to expand and ventilate spaces. These systems connect spaces to the open air and let in natural light and air.



As Sowi Engineering, Pergola and Awning systems in Istanbul We manufacture and assemble. We always provide our customers with the most affordable and high quality services.  m2 prices We try to offer.

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