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What is a Photocell Door?

Photocell doorsstands out as an indispensable part of modern life automatic door systems. These smart doors offer users an excellent comfort and security experience thanks to advanced sensor technology.

Photocell doorsIt attracts attention not only with its ability to open without physical contact, but also with its stylish designs. These doors, which have a wide range of usage in all kinds of places, from shopping malls to hospitals, provide users with a hygienic solution as well as the opportunity to enjoy energy saving and security. For those looking for a stylish and smart entrance solution photocell doorsoffers a technology-sensitive choice that is compatible with the contemporary lifestyle.

Photocell door is also known as sensor door.

Automatic Photocell Door Prices 2024

As Sowi Engineering Automatic Sensor Photocell Door in Istanbul in production and assembly We try to offer the most affordable prices to our customers. Photocell / Sensor Door If you need it quickly, stylishly, with high quality and our best prices You can benefit from it.

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Photocell Door prices and Price Calculation

Automatic Photocell and Sensor Door Prices 2024

Factors affecting Automatic Photocell Door prices are: Size, dimensions, engine features, glass prices and type, aluminum quality, design and features, installation location, brand. Dollar and Euro exchange rates are the factors that directly affect the costs. Because there are so many variables, prices are constantly changing.

Photocell Door Price Calculation: In price calculation, the above factors are determined together with the information received from the customer and the price is automatically created through the program.

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Istanbul Photocell Door Installation Services

Automatic Photocell and Sensor Door Production and Installation 2024

Photocell doors You should choose professional teams for installation. The assembly process is a technical issue; various malfunctions occur in a short time during installations carried out by inexperienced teams.

Automatic photocell Sensor Door InstallationThe main reason for malfunctions is not squaring properly. A door that is not squared properly will constantly rub or put additional load on the motor. After a while, doors that are used continuously will malfunction due to this deformation. Apart from this, mistakes are made such as not adjusting the end points properly and not adjusting the belt tensioners.

Automatic photocell door application examples and references

Other Names of Photocell Doors

Sensor Door

Photocell door, also known as sensor door, opens and closes automation via a sensor. That's why it's called a sensor door.

Automatic Glass Door

For a modern and stylish look, the door consists entirely of glass and other materials are aluminum.

Automatic Photocell Glass Door

The other name of the photocell door is "automatic photocell glass door", which is more comprehensive.

Automatic Sensor Glass Door

Sensor Door is popularly known as photocell door.

Photocell Door Production Features

Glass Features of Photocell Doors: There are clear glass, colored glass, reflective, solar or combined laminated glass, tempered or laminated + tempered glass options.

Aluminum Profile Features: Air insulation is uniform with its special brush system and gasket structure.

Aluminum Profile Color Options: Aluminum profile systems are suitable for all needs and tastes with electrostatic powder paint (RAL standards) or anodized coloring techniques.

Dimensions of Photocell Doors: Photocell doors must be manufactured and applied in dimensions of 1500 mm x 2700 mm in order to function properly.

Photocell Door Istanbul

Photocell Door Types

Linear Photocell Doors

Motion sensors detect movement in a specific area in front of the door. These types of doors usually use a continuously moving belt system.

Swing Photocell Doors

These doors are usually designed as a single swing door and swing on a hinge.

Revolving Photocell Doors

These doors, which generally operate in a circular motion, can often be found at the entrances of luxury buildings or shopping malls.

Bridge Photocell Doors

This type has two-winged doors that open towards each other, creating a passage.

Glass Photocell Doors

These doors, which generally consist of transparent or semi-transparent glass panels, offer a modern and stylish appearance.

Folding Photocell Doors

Consisting of multiple layered panels, these doors fold towards each other when opened.

Usage Areas of Sensor Doors

Photocell doorsIt can be preferred in many different places by offering a wide range of uses. Here are some areas where photocell sensor doors are commonly used:

  1. Shopping Malls and Stores: It is frequently used in shopping malls and stores so that customers can enter and exit easily.
  2. Hospitals and Health Institutions: In health institutions where hygiene is at the forefront, photocell doors are used thanks to hands-free opening.
  3. Hotel and Accommodation Facilities: It is frequently preferred in hotels to increase the comfort and safety of guests.
  4. Office Buildings: It is used in office buildings to provide a professional appearance and ease of use at entrances.
  5. Airports and Stations: It is used to support fast and safe entry and exit in areas with high passenger traffic.
  6. Community Spaces and Entertainment Venues: It can be used to provide efficient entry and exit of large audiences in stadiums, concert halls and other community areas.
  7. Banks and Financial Institutions: Since security is at the forefront, photocell doors can be preferred in bank branches and financial institutions.
  8. Industrial Facilities: It is used in factories and industrial facilities to support a hands-free working environment.

These examples photocell doors It shows that it is widely used in various sectors and places. Photocell doorsis a versatile device that helps users have a more comfortable and effective entry-exit experience. automatic door is the solution.

Sensor Door Mechanism

Photocell door mechanism
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