Polyurethane Filled Shutter

polyurethane filled shutter profile

Polyurethane filled shutters are the ideal solution when the need for insulation is at the forefront. Polyurethane filler can be applied to both aluminum fins and steel lamellas. Depending on your needs, you can choose either aluminum polyurethane filled shutter or galvanized steel polyurethane filled shutter.

Polyurethane filled shutters are very successful in providing insulation against external factors such as heat, light, humidity and sound. It is frequently preferred especially in workplaces where heat insulation is important such as markets, factories, warehouses, and in workplaces and residences located in regions where it is possible to be adversely affected by climatic conditions. It also provides an additional contribution in terms of safety and durability. Steel and Aluminum Polyurethane Filled Shutters protect your residences and workplaces at the maximum level with their comfortable and safe use and resistant to explosive and flammable materials.

Shutters filled with polyurethane are produced by the roll forming method and different profile types and thicknesses are used according to the size of the shutter. Special production is made to the extent desired by the customer. Profile thickness and span are also determined according to needs and requests.

Of course, the prices of Polyurethane Filled Aluminum Shutter and Polyurethane Filled Galvanized Steel Shutter prices vary due to the different raw materials used. We can calculate the price of Polyurethane Filled Shutters according to the dimensions you give and the type of material you want and offer you an offer.

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