Blinds and Shutter Prices

Blinds prices are determined by taking into account many variables. The city and county you live in is one of them. For example, the prices of Istanbul Kartal Shutters and Istanbul Sisli or Kocaeli Gebze blinds prices will be different from each other.
Of course, the prices of manual blinds and automatic blinds are also different.
Of course, many issues such as how many square meters the blind will be, the color of the blind you choose, the type of box, how many blinds will be installed will of course affect the prices.

The same is true for shutter prices. There are many variables such as shutters made of steel or aluminum, special-purpose shutters, shutter motor, control systems.

Therefore, publishing a price list with fixed figures can be misleading for our customers. We want you to know how we calculate the cost and to make sure that you will not encounter any surprise costs, as the price offer we will prepare with the information you will provide is the net price.

To get your louver price quote, just fill in the correct information in the price quote form and we will do our best to offer you the most suitable blinds prices.

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How to Calculate the Price of Blinds?

To show how we calculate the blinds prices with an example calculation:

Let's say we have a customer who wants a villa blind in Cekmekoy, Istanbul. He wants to install 4 window blinds. We first calculate the material price according to the dimensions in the sample blinds price list on the side.

Suppose that 2 100×150 manual scissor shutters and 2 100×100 controlled motorized shutters are requested.

2 x 3200 = 6400 TL 

Since the desired blinds are scissors, we add the scissor fee of 500 TL – 6400+1000= 7400 TL

7400 TL is the unassembled price of 2 scissor blinds.

In motorized shutters;
2 x 3000 = 6000 TL

We add the shutter motor price of 1300 TL and the control price of 600 TL.

6000 TL + 3800 TL = 9800 TL

The price of 2 controlled blinds without assembly is 9800 TL,

The total cost of 4 blinds is 7400+9800 = 17200 TL.

Afterwards, assembly and transportation costs are added on it, and the net price is determined by adding VAT.

Installation fees are determined according to the number of blinds and the floor you are on. As the number of louvers increases, the cost per louver decreases. The reason for this is that the installation prices decrease as the number of units increases and the shipping fee is fixed no matter how many blinds are installed.

As you can see, there are many factors that change the price while calculating the blinds prices. Apart from the calculation in the example here, there are also details that change the price, such as special sizes, special requests, special colors. For this reason, you will not be surprised after the offer you receive by considering every detail, but when you try to order by looking at the fixed price lists, it is possible that you will be disappointed and face surprise costs.

Example Blinds Calculation

  • 100×100 Blinds: 3000 TL
  • 100×150 Blinds: 3200 TL
  • 100×200 Blinds: 3500 TL
  • 100×250 Blinds: 4000 TL
  • 150×100 Blinds: 3200 TL
  • 150×150 Blinds: 3500 TL
  • 150×200 Blinds: 4000 TL

The prices in the list are sample prices, they are not valid, just fill in the form above to find out the current price.