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What is Blinds?

BlindsIt is a decorative and functional building element used to close or open windows and doors. Generally shutters on the exteriorIt is used to control sunlight and temperature, provide privacy and protect from weather conditions. shuttersAlthough tin can be made of different materials, durable materials such as wood, metal or PVC are commonly preferred. Also, while it can be opened and closed manually, with the advancement of technology automatic shutter systems has also become common.

shuttersIt has a wide usage area from houses to businesses and while contributing to the aesthetic appearance of the spaces, it also plays an important role in increasing energy efficiency. Automatic shutter systems, remote control or smart devices It provides ease of use and can provide additional security to homeowners. The fact that the blinds are compatible with different color and style options adds a personal touch to the spaces. Easy to use, durable and aesthetically appealing Shutters stand out as one of the indispensable parts of modern buildings..

Types of shutter systems we produce:

Automatic Shutter Systems, Manual Shutter Systems, Blinds For Home, Shutters for Office and Workplaces, Window Shutters, Balcony Shutters, Venetian Blinds, Monoblock Shutter Systems, Outboard Louver Systems, Detail Boxed – Concealed Shutter Systems


As Sowi Engineering firm, Automatic Shutter We always provide the best fit for our customers in the production and assembly of systems. blinds m2 prices We try to offer.

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Shutter Systems

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automatic shutter m2 (Square meter) prices

blinds pricesmay vary depending on information such as location and features. Detailed information is required to give an exact price.

Do not ignore quality when looking for affordable blinds options. best blinds prices We offer blinds in different sizes and specifications for You can obtain a long-lasting and useful product by choosing the one that suits your needs while choosing your blinds. Choose us at affordable prices high quality blinds enjoy having it. Make your home and workplace more useful with our blinds suitable for your needs.

Automatic Shutter Application Video

Window Shutter Application Video


Outboard Louver

Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blinds

outboard louver, buildings externally mounted shutter system. These blinds are attached to the exterior of windows or doors and can be opened and closed easily. outboard louversIt is preferred to keep the interiors cool by blocking the sun's rays, to provide private living spaces and to protect against negative factors such as theft. It is easy to assemble and practical to use.


Monoblock Boxed Blinds

Monoblock blinds

Monoblock blinds, all mechanism and box integrated into a single block It is a shutter system. These blinds, which are mounted on the windows or doors of the buildings from the outside, provide easy use and provide coolness by effectively blocking the sun's rays. Monoblock shuttersIt is preferred for its practical assembly and user-friendly features and is also useful for security purposes.


Detail (Hidden) Boxed Blinds

Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blinds

Detail (hidden) boxed shutteris a special shutter system used for windows or doors. The louver box, when installed invisible from the outside It is designed in such a way that it provides an aesthetic appearance. This type of blindsIt provides protection against external factors, prevents sun rays and creates private living spaces. It is easy to install and offers a variety of options for users' needs.


Venetian Blind Systems

Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blinds

blinds with jalousieis a type of functional louver used for windows or doors. Consists of vertically moving, horizontal stripes. This louver system allows to easily control light transmission and create private living spaces. blinds with jalousieIt is a preferred option with its aesthetic appearance and ease of use. It is also known for its advantages such as blocking the sun's rays and providing privacy.


Types of blinds according to their use

Balcony Blinds

Balcony Blindsbalcony shutteris a shutter system mounted on balconies. These blinds are used to control the sun's rays, protection against external factors and helps to create a private living space. balcony blindscombines aesthetics and functionality, and offers solutions that meet the needs of users.

Window Shutter

Window Shutterwindow blindis a shutter system mounted on windows. These blinds help control light transmission, regulate temperature and block the sun's rays. window blindsIt saves energy, offers privacy and increases the comfort of users by providing protection against external factors. It is a preferred option with its aesthetic appearance and practical use.

Automatic Shutter Systems

automatic blindsAutomatic shutter is a mechanical system designed to facilitate and automatically control the opening and closing of windows and doors. Unlike traditional manual blinds, automatic blinds operate with an electric motor or smart systems and can be opened and closed without manual intervention.

Manual Shutter Systems

manual blindsautomatic blindsIt is a shutter system that can be controlled by automation technologies such as electricity or remote control. These blinds can be opened and closed easily thanks to electric motors instead of manual pulling or lifting. automatic blindsprovides comfort with its user-friendly features and practical use.

Sample pictures from our blinds projects

Shutter systems features

The features of the roller shutter systems are:

  1. Controlling Sunbeams: Blinds are positioned in front of windows to help control the passage of sun rays. In this way, heating or lighting of interior spaces can be easily managed.
  2. Providing Confidentiality: Blinds provide privacy by protecting interiors from outside eyes. It creates private living spaces by preventing the outside to look inside.
  3. Weather Protection: Louvers provide protection against weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow. This prevents damage to windows and interiors.
  4. Energy-saving: Shutters help keep interiors cool by blocking the sun's rays in summer, and they save energy by reducing air conditioning usage.
  5. Security: Shutters increase the safety of homes and workplaces. When closed, it keeps indoor valuables out of sight and distracts potential thieves.
  6. Remote Control and Automation: Some shutter systems can be controlled by electric motors and remote controls. Thanks to its automation feature, it can be turned on and off at certain times and offers a user-friendly experience.
  7. Aesthetic look: Shutters provide an aesthetic appearance with various design and color options and contribute to the external appearance of the buildings.
  8. Sound and Heat Insulation: Shutters absorb sound and heat from outside, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment indoors.
  9. Durability and Longevity: Blinds made of quality materials are durable and long-lasting.
  10. Various Application Areas: Shutters can be used in various application areas such as homes, offices, hotels, shops and industrial facilities.

These features make the use of roller shutter systems more efficient and comfortable and offer solutions for different needs.

Other common names for automatic louvers

Motorized Shutter

Automatic blinds are also called motorized blinds, which have a motor inside and can be controlled by a button or a remote control.

Electric Shutter

Automatic blinds can also be referred to as electric blinds, which are electrically powered and can be opened and closed without manual effort.

Remote Controlled Blinds

Since automatic blinds can be managed with a remote control, they are also called remote-controlled blinds.

Smart Shutters

Some automatic blinds can be integrated with smart home systems and controlled via smartphones or other smart devices. For this reason, they are also called smart blinds.

Motorized Shutters

Automatic shutters can also be called motorized shutters, with their type that can close to form a flat surface when closed.

Electronic Shutter

Since automatic blinds work with electronic systems, they can also be referred to as electronic blinds. This name emphasizes the technological and electronic features of the roller shutters.


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