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What is Vertical Zip Curtain?

vertical zip curtainIt is a kind of window covering or curtain system that can be opened and closed according to the user's request, usually mounted on windows or glass doors. The term “zip” refers to the curtain fabric being firmly fixed to the curtain box by a special zipper-like mechanism on both sides. In this way, protection from external factors is provided and the curtain becomes resistant to adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain or sun.

vertical zip curtainsThey are especially ideal for outdoor use because they have a solid construction and are used to control light and weather conditions from outside. They can also provide an aesthetic appearance indoors. These curtains are frequently preferred in terraces, balconies, winter gardens and similar areas and offer users customizable options.

Types of Shading Systems We Produce:

Automatic Shutter Systems, Shutter Systems, Zip Curtain Systems, Blind Systems, Automatic Curtain Systems, Pergola and Awning Systems


As Sowi Engineering, Zip Curtain systems in Istanbul manufactures and assembles. Always the most suitable for our customers Vertical Zip Curtain m2 prices We try to offer.

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Vertical Zip Curtain pricevaries according to location and various features of the zip curtain. Detailed information is required to give an exact price.

affordable Zip Blinds Do not ignore quality when searching. Our company offers a 2-year on-site warranty on all its products. It offers a 5 year engine warranty. Many companies do not comply with these warranty processes, so they have a total price advantage of -20.

Features of Vertical Zip Blinds

vertical zip curtainsThey are popular as a modern window covering option and offer many features. Here are the key features of vertical zip curtains:

  1. Motorized or Manual Options: Vertical zip curtains can be motorized or manually controlled. Motorized models can be easily controlled by remote control or smart home systems.
  2. Zip System: Vertical zip curtains are equipped with a special zip system. This system holds the curtain fabric tightly to windows or doors, thereby reducing the influence of wind or other weather conditions.
  3. Sun and Heat Control: Vertical zip curtains help control the temperature of your room by keeping out sunlight and hot air. In this way, you can save energy.
  4. Security: These curtains prevent your interior from being seen from the outside, thus increasing privacy.
  5. Aesthetic: Vertical zip curtains have a modern and stylish look and come in many colors and patterns, so it's easy to match your decoration.
  6. Durability: The zip system makes the curtain resistant to wind, rain and other weather conditions. Therefore, they are long-lasting.
  7. Easy Maintenance: They are generally easy to clean. They can be cleaned by dusting or wiping with a slightly damp cloth.
  8. Customizability: Vertical zip curtains can be customized to window or door sizes. Also, different fabric types and color options are available.
  9. Sound insulation: Vertical zip curtains can reduce outside noise and increase indoor sound insulation.
  10. Ease of Installation: When properly installed, vertical zip curtains can be easily installed and used.

These features are just some of the reasons why vertical zip curtains have become a popular window covering option. However, depending on the needs of the space you will use and your design preferences, it is important to evaluate whether these curtains are a suitable option.

Application Video of Vertical Zip Blind

Window Application Video of Vertical Zip Blind

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