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What is a Zip Blind System?

A zip blind is a type of window or door blind that is ideal for outdoor use. With the help of a zipper system, the edges of the blind are secured, preventing any looseness or opening caused by wind or movement. Zip blinds are commonly used in spaces such as terraces, outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants. These blinds provide both sun control and keep insects out. Made from durable materials, zip blinds are long-lasting and offer a variety of color and pattern options. Zip blinds are visually appealing and practical, standing out with their resistance against external factors.

Also known as a zip screen or zip curtain, zip blind systems have a wide range of applications. They are frequently used in homes, offices, balconies, terraces, especially in spaces like cafes, restaurants, and conservatories. Zip blinds are designed to provide shading for both the exterior and interior areas. Additionally, zip blinds can be used in conjunction with products such as glass balconies, awnings, pergolas, blinds, and shutters.

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The other common names for zip blinds are as follows

Motorized zip blinds

Zip curtains

Automatic zip blinds

Zipper blinds

Screen blinds

Outdoor zip blinds

Windproof blinds

Cafe blinds

types of zip blinds

Vertical Zip Blind

iç Cephe Dikey zip perde

A vertical zip blind is a stylish, high-quality, and modern type of zip blind that moves up and down. It has a sleeker appearance compared to other systems and offers a wide range of fabric options.

Vertical zip blinds are used in homes, villas, cafes, restaurants, and any window or door system where shading is desired.

Ceiling Zip Blind

Zip Blinds istanbul

It is a modern ceiling shading system designed to provide stylish and contemporary shading for open areas such as terraces. It features an automatic opening and closing functionality.

Ceiling zip blinds are widely used in villas, houses with terraces, pergola roof covers, cafes, outdoor shading applications, restaurants, and hotels.

Types of Zip Blind Mechanisms

Manual Zip Blind

manuel zip perde

A manual zip blind is a type of zip blind that is manually controlled by the user. This type of blind utilizes a specialized zipper system to cover windows and allows them to be positioned as desired.

Manual zip blinds feature a mechanism that allows users to adjust them to their preferred height or openness. The fabric integrated into the zipper system is securely held in place, preventing any swaying or movement caused by wind or external factors.

Automatic (Motorized) Zip Blind

Motorlu (Otomatik) Zip perde

Automatic zip blinds are a modern window covering solution with an easily controllable automatic mechanism. This type of blind utilizes a specialized zipper system that covers the windows and can be adjusted to the desired height or openness level.

Automatic zip blinds use a motorized mechanism operated by remote control or buttons, allowing users to bring the blind to their desired position. With a single touch, users can effortlessly open or close the blind.

The Applications of Zip Blinds

Zip Blinds istanbulZip blinds are versatile products that offer numerous applications in terms of decoration and practicality. They are preferred in various settings, including homes, offices, hotels, and even campsites, due to their functionality and aesthetic designs. The most common sectors where zip blinds are widely used include:

  1. Homes: Zip blinds are commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other interior spaces in homes. They serve as both a decorative element and an ideal option for temperature and light control.
  2. Offices: In office environments, zip blinds provide a comfortable workspace by blocking sunlight. They also reduce glare and reflections, improving the quality of displays and screens.
  3. Restaurants and Cafes: Zip blinds are used in commercial spaces such as restaurants and cafes to enhance the interior aesthetics and provide a comfortable atmosphere for customers. Additionally, they can be customized to align with the brand identity through various design options.
  4. Zip Blinds istanbulHotels and Resorts: Zip blinds in accommodation facilities provide a stylish appearance in guest rooms while enhancing the comfort of the guests. They block sunlight, contribute to energy efficiency, and provide privacy.
  5. Meeting and Conference Rooms: Zip blinds in meeting and conference rooms ensure better visibility for presentations and displays. With light control, the desired ambiance can be achieved.
  6. Stores and Retail Areas: Zip blinds are utilized in store windows and retail areas for both decorative purposes and controlling the temperature and lighting within the interior space. They also provide privacy by limiting the view from outside to inside.
  7. Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and other educational institutions create a better learning and working environment by utilizing zip blinds in classrooms, lecture halls, and other areas.
  8. Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers enhance patient comfort and privacy by using zip blinds in hospital rooms, waiting areas, and examination rooms.

The manufacturing dimensions of Zip blinds

The maximum manufacturing dimensions for zip blinds can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific model of the blind. Generally, zip blinds have maximum width and height measurements within certain limits. As a standard guideline, widths can be up to 600 cm and heights up to 300 cm. However, some manufacturers can produce zip blinds in larger sizes for special projects. Particularly for commercial or industrial use, wider and taller blinds may be requested. In such cases, it is important to contact the manufacturer to inquire about custom manufacturing dimensions based on the project requirements.

Zip Blinds istanbul

The mechanism of Zip blinds

Zip Blinds istanbul

Zip perde kumaşTypes and Colors of Zip Blind Fabrics

Zip blind fabrics stand out with their quality and offer advantages in terms of variety compared to many other shading systems. There are numerous fabric types and weave styles available, each with different levels of sun permeability. Zip blind fabrics also come in a wide range of colors, ranging from white to black, offering hundreds of options. Our customers make the best choice based on our recommendations according to the specific location and space where the blinds will be used.

Various Fabric Examples for Zip Blinds

Zip Blinds istanbul

Serge Ferrari 600 Series

%5 Sunlight Transmittance

The fabric type used in general zip blind systems.

Zip Blinds istanbul

Serge Ferrari %1 Series

%1 Sunlight Transmittance

It is used in cases where less sunlight permeability is desired.

Zip Blinds istanbul

Serge Ferrari %10 Series

%10 Sunlight Transmittance

It is used in cases where more sunlight permeability is desired.

Zip Blinds istanbul

Serge Ferrari 600 BO Lunar Series

%0 Sunlight Transmittance

Blackout is a sun-resistant fabric type.

Zip Blinds istanbul

Serge Ferrari 600 BO Solar Series

%3 Sunlight Transmittance

Blackout is a high-quality fabric type.

Zip Blinds istanbul

Serge Ferrari 600 OUT in the jungle

%5 Sunlight Transmittance

Blackout is a high-quality fabric type.

zip BLINDS fabric features

Otomatik zip perde

The features of zip blind fabric are the fundamental sources of the advantages provided by these blinds. Zip blind fabrics, produced with advanced technology, have the following technical specifications:

  • Zip blind fabric consists of a blend of 30% polyester, 30% PVC, and 40% Ferrari Formulation 400 cm.
  • It offers resistance against UV, UVA, and UVB rays for maximum protection.
  • Due to its pre-tensioned structure and durability, it has a thinner profile compared to other products.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Zip blind fabric has a non-dusting and odor-free structure. It is not affected by external factors like sunlight, wind, and maintains its color, does not fade, yellow, or sag over long-term use.
  • It is easy to clean and has a self-cleaning property with rainwater.
  • Being a breathable fabric, zip blind fabric has a non-condensing structure due to its perforated design. It exhibits antibacterial properties with its anti-fungus chemical coating, preventing the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria.
  • Desired colors, patterns, and logos can be applied to zip blind fabric using UV printing.
  • It has flame retardant properties and holds a fire resistance certification.

With their aesthetic appearance, durability, and ease of use, zip blinds effectively shade outdoor spaces while providing a practical solution for users.

Advantages of zip blind systems include

Zip blind systems offer a range of advantages compared to other shading systems. The advantages of zip blind systems over other shading systems are as follows:

  • Durability: Zip blind systems are manufactured using strong and durable materials. This ensures long-lasting use and resistance against weather conditions.
  • Wind Resistance: Zip blinds provide wind resistance due to their edges being securely fastened with a zip zipper system. This feature prevents the curtain from swaying or moving in the wind.
  • Sunlight Control: Zip blinds effectively control sunlight. By blocking UV rays, they create a comfortable indoor environment and protect against the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Fly and Insect Protection: Zip blinds prevent outdoor flies and insects from entering indoor spaces. The tight closure of their edges does not allow for insect passage.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Zip blinds offer a wide range of color, pattern, and fabric options. This allows users to decorate their indoor spaces in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Ease of Use: Zip blind systems are easy and convenient to use. They can be controlled either by motorized or manual operation. Automatic motorized systems can be controlled with remote control or smart devices, further enhancing user convenience.
  • Longevity: Zip blind systems are built to last due to their use of durable materials. They exhibit resilience against weather conditions, UV rays, and other external factors, ensuring long-term durability.
  • These advantages of zip blind systems demonstrate why they can be preferred over other shading systems. With their aesthetic appearance, durability, and ease of use, zip blinds effectively shade outdoor spaces while providing a practical solution for users.


Motorized zip blind m2 (Square meter) prices

The factors that affect the prices of automatic zip blinds are as follows: Size, Dimensions, fabric quality, aluminum quality, design and features, installation location, brand, extras, accessories, and exchange rates of the dollar and Euro, which directly affect costs. Therefore, a precise price can be provided based on the current conditions. To learn the prices, all you need to do is reach out to us. We offer the most competitive zip blind prices and provide you with quality product options. Discover our zip blinds now to add value to your living spaces and create a comfortable atmosphere.

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The features of motorized zip blinds

mahremiye ve güvenlik


Thanks to the perforated structure of zip blinds and the zipper teeth, they are much more durable against wind compared to alternative products. The special fabric has been tested and proven to withstand wind speeds of up to 140 km per hour. Not only are they resistant to wind, but they also endure the damaging effects of intense sunlight. With all these features, we can confidently say that zip blinds are truly outdoor blinds.

Zip Blinds istanbul

Aesthetic Appearance

Zip blinds have an extremely modern appearance and add an elite touch to spaces. With printable fabric, you can have curtains in any color or pattern you desire. You can even have your corporate logo printed on the zip blinds, turning them into advertising tools.

When closed, zip blinds add style to the look of your spaces, and when open, they never disrupt the overall appearance. This is because they neatly gather to the top and their minimalistic design ensures that nothing disturbs the aesthetic view.

Yalıtım ve enerji verimliliği


Motorized zip blinds are highly ergonomic and user-friendly products. They offer easy usability by integrating remote control, buttons, or automation systems. Optional equipment such as wind sensors or rain sensors can be included for automatic usage. The ability to open and close zip blinds within seconds provides you with an advantage to protect yourself from sudden weather changes.

The motor operates silently and has a long lifespan. Zip blinds can be applied to ceilings and sloping windows as well. Additionally, they serve as a fantastic alternative for glass balconies that open to the sides, eliminating space loss and interruptions in the view caused by joint areas.

Uzun ömürlülük


Zip blinds protect your spaces and, consequently, you from wind, rain, sun, insects, and prying eyes. Thanks to their wind-resistant and waterproof fabric, they remain unaffected by weather conditions. By preventing direct sunlight from entering the space, they offer a sophisticated lighting experience. Additionally, during the summer months, they significantly reduce the warming of the space by the sun, helping you save on cooling costs.

They also act as insect screens, preventing mosquitoes and bugs from entering. When closed, zip blinds block the view from outside while allowing you to see outside, ensuring your privacy. Moreover, their micro-perforated structure enables all of these features without compromising air circulation, making it a crucial attribute.

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