1. Sowi Engineering, as a result of the normal and proper use of the products, guarantees that no malfunction due to material and workmanship will occur for 2 years from the date of production or, in unspecified cases, from the date of invoice of the buyer or the date of the work-order contract. From the date of assembly of mechanical parts 2 years, if the engines 5 years
  2. In case of any malfunction only Sowi Engineering technical officials will detect faults and try to resolve the situation.
  3. To the extent permitted by law, the liability of Sowi Engineering regarding the violation of clause 1.1 will be limited to the repair, replacement of products or the supply of equivalent products. Sowi Engineering will not be held responsible for any indirect damage or loss that may occur during or after the assembly or reassembly of the products.
  4. These warranty terms will not apply under the following conditions:
  5. When the products are used with mechanical, technical and electronic components, software or other goods not approved by Sowi Mühendislik, which do not comply with Sowi Mühendislik's written selection and usage rules, assembly and usage instructions, professional standards and wiring diagrams.
  6. Products have been manifestly abused, damaged, opened, disassembled or repaired as a result of negligence or abuse.
  7. When the products are used outside the usage limits specified by Sowi Engineering to the buyer or for different purposes. These products include mechanical and motor automation related products such as automatic blinds, shutters, awnings, pergolas, automatic doors, photocell doors, sectional doors, fire doors, curtains, entrance doors, garage doors, workplace doors, barrier and garden door systems.
  8. When the products are used with other mechanical, technical and electronic components, software or other materials not previously approved by Sowi Mühendislik.
  9. When the products are maintained, repaired, serviced, intervened or modified by persons or institutions other than Sowi Engineering officials.
  10. Mechanical or electronic damage on the products caused by an external source, in case any external factor damages the products (including liquid contact).
  11. Batteries, controls, receivers, electronic spare parts and motors and consumables are not covered by the warranty.
  12. Detection of malfunctions caused outside of Sowi Engineering, as well as the costs that may occur during the disassembly, reassembly and maintenance of the products are not covered by the warranty.
  13. After the order is completed, the customer will pay the full fee. When the customer cancels the order for unfair reasons, the customer is obliged to pay all the damages that the seller has suffered or will suffer, including the materials purchased for the order and the labor cost, as well as the contract and invoice cost.