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What is Outboard Louver?

Outboard Louver: The Ideal Solution for Your Comfortable and Safe Homes!

We all know the importance of comfort and safety in our homes. Therefore, we make our living spaces more comfortable and enjoyable We prefer solutions that make outboard louversIt is an ideal option for your homes thanks to its aesthetic and functional features.

outboard louversIt is the perfect solution to minimize the harmful effects of the sun's rays indoors. Outboard shutters designed in accordance with home decoration and architectural style, It adds elegance and grace to the exterior of your home. outboard shutters, not just aesthetic it also offers significant advantages in terms of security. While outboard blinds add convenience to your daily life with their easy use, they will stay with you for many years thanks to their long-lasting design. Manual or motorized options you can choose from. In conclusion, outboard blinds while increasing the value of your home raising your quality of life comes across as an investment.

Types of shutter systems we produce:

Automatic Shutter Systems, Manual Shutter Systems, Blinds For Home, Shutters for Office and Workplaces, Window Shutters, Balcony Shutters, Venetian Blinds, Monoblock Shutter Systems, Outboard Louver Systems, Detail Boxed – Concealed Shutter Systems


As Sowi Engineering firm, Auto Outboard Louver We always provide the best fit for our customers in the production and assembly of systems. blinds m2 prices We try to offer.

Remote Controlled Outboard Louver or Button Outboard Louver if you need systems You can get a quick quote.

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What We Produce
Shutter Systems

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Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blinds

Outboard Louver

OUTBOARD louver m2 (Square meter) prices

Outboard Louver pricesmay vary depending on information such as location and features. Detailed information is required to give an exact price.

When looking for affordable outboard louver options, never ignore quality. best outboard blinds price We offer blinds in different sizes and specifications for You can obtain a long-lasting and useful product by choosing the one that suits your needs while choosing your blinds. Choose us at affordable prices high quality blinds enjoy having it. Make your home and workplace more useful with our blinds suitable for your needs.

Outboard Louver Application Video

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The Perfect Solution for Your Homes: Outboard Louver Features

Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blindsOur homes offer us a peaceful and secure life. Therefore, we take every precaution to increase the comfort and safety of our homes. Here is the perfect solution for your home: Outboard shutters! With their aesthetic appearance, functional features and many advantages, outboard shutters will be an indispensable part of your homes.

  1. Protect from the Harmful Effects of the Sun

Outboard blinds are an ideal solution to reduce the harmful effects of sun rays. It keeps the inside of your home cool by preventing the sun from entering indoors, especially in summer, and allows your air conditioners to consume less energy. Thus, you contribute to the environment by saving on your energy bills.

  1. Ensure Your Privacy and Security

Outboard blinds protect the privacy of your home and prevent your interior spaces from being viewed from the outside. By closing the blinds when you're away or at night, your home doesn't look empty from the outside and deters potential burglars. Shutters made of durable materials increase the security of your home.

  1. Unique Design and Color Options

Outboard shutters add elegance and grace to the exterior of your home. Thanks to the different design and color options, you can choose the shutters suitable for the architectural style of your home. You can present a visual feast to your neighbors and guests with blinds that reflect your own style and integrate with your home.

  1. Durable and Long-Lasting Construction

Produced from materials resistant to external factors, outboard shutters will serve you for years thanks to their long-lasting structure. They protect the exterior of your home for a long time by being protected from strong winds, rain and the effects of the sun. This provides cost savings in the long run.

  1. Easy Operation and Control

Outboard blinds are extremely easy to use. Motorized blinds can be controlled with a single touch by a remote control or a wall panel. Manual blinds, on the other hand, can be opened and closed in a practical way. Thanks to their comfortable use, they add convenience to your daily life.

All in all, outboard louvers are a great option that increases the comfort and safety of your homes and stands out with their aesthetic appearance and functional features. With its features such as protection from the harmful effects of the sun, providing privacy and security, aesthetic design and easy use, outboard blinds are an important investment that increases the value of your home and increases your quality of life.

You can contact us for more information and different outboard louver options. We will be happy to support you with the most suitable shutter solutions for your homes. Choose our outboard blinds to make your homes safer and more comfortable!

Types of external blinds according to their places of use

Balcony Blinds

Balcony Blindsbalcony shutteris a shutter system mounted on balconies. These blinds are used to control the sun's rays, protection against external factors and helps to create a private living space. balcony blindscombines aesthetics and functionality, and offers solutions that meet the needs of users.

Window Shutter

Window Shutterwindow blindis a shutter system mounted on windows. These blinds help control light transmission, regulate temperature and block the sun's rays. window blindsIt saves energy, offers privacy and increases the comfort of users by providing protection against external factors. It is a preferred option with its aesthetic appearance and practical use.

Manual Shutter Systems

manual blindsautomatic blindsIt is a shutter system that can be controlled by automation technologies such as electricity or remote control. These blinds can be opened and closed easily thanks to electric motors instead of manual pulling or lifting. automatic blindsprovides comfort with its user-friendly features and practical use.


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