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Folding Glass Balcony Product General Features

The general features of the glass balcony systems we produce are below.

  • Glass: 8 mm Transparent Tempered Glass, Extra durable and Thermal Insulated option
  • Dimensions: Special Production Height and Width, production according to your size
  • Aluminum Profile Color: Metallic, Natural Anodized, RAL. Production is made in desired colors. You choose your color
  • Aluminum Profile Wall Thickness: 1.2mm and 1.6mm
  • Glass Color: Transparent – Smoked – Green – Blue
  • Profile Base: It may be with or without threshold.
glass balconies There are three modern types used in systems. These; Sliding / Sliding Glass System, Folding Glass Systems, Guillotine Glass Systems
Glass Balconies; It provides sound and heat insulation, It provides a stylish appearance, It can be cleaned very easily, It always maintains the internal temperature, It provides security, There are more than one model for the glass balconies you prefer in your home or office.


Sowi Engineering, In Istanbul FOLDING GLASS BALCONY It offers quality, customer-oriented production and installation services of its systems. We always provide our customers with the most affordable and high quality services. m2 prices of folding glass balconies We try to offer.

It is compatible with any balcony or space. Glass Balcony Systems for Get a quote quickly.

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In glass balcony systems Manufacturers generally do not undertake assembly operations. We eliminate this problem by doing both production and assembly.

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