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What is Zip Curtain System?

Zip Blindswith a kind of zipper, ideal for outdoor use window or door curtain. designed for outdoor use Thanks to this, the edges of the curtain are fixed. Thus, there will be no loosening or opening due to wind or movements.

Zip curtains are widely used in places such as terraces, outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants. These curtains sunlight control It also keeps insects out. Made of durable materials, zip blinds are long-lasting and offer different color and pattern options. Both visually attractive and practical, zip curtains stand out with their durability against external factors.

Zip blind systems, also known as zipper curtains, Its usage areas are wide. It is used in homes, workplaces, balconies and terraces. It is also frequently preferred in places such as cafes, restaurants and winter gardens. Zip blinds are designed to provide shading to both the exterior and interior. Zip curtains can also be used with other exterior products. These are products such as glass balconies, awnings, pergolas, jalousie and shutters.

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What We Produce
Zip Curtain Systems

Other Names of Zip Curtain System

Outdoor Shading

Roller Shade

Motorized Outdoor Curtain

Outdoor Shades

Balcony Zip Curtain

Ziprak Curtain

Electric Roller Blinds

Zipper Curtain

Zip Curtain Types

Vertical Zip Blinds

interior wall vertical zip curtain

It is a stylish, high quality, modern looking, moving up and down. zip blinds variety. It looks more elegant than other systems and has a wide variety of fabric options. Widely used and known zip curtain system This is.

On windows, doors and terraces of houses and villas vertical zip curtain is used. It is used in cafes, restaurants and other places where shading is needed.

Ceiling Zip Blinds

Zip Curtain Istanbul

a modern ceiling is zip curtain system. It is used with the aim of shading open areas such as terraces in a stylish modern way. Zipper Ceiling zip curtain automatically opening and

On the attics of villas ceiling zip curtain is used. It is widely used on terraced houses and pergolas. It is also widely used in cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Zip Curtain Mechanism Types

Motorized Zip Curtain – Automatic Zip Curtain

Motorized (Automatic) Zip curtain

automatic zip shadesis a modern curtain solution. It has an automatic mechanism that users can easily control. Adjustable to height or opening level uses a special zipper system.

By remote control or button worker engine mechanismuses i. In this way, users can open or close the zip curtain with a single tap.

Manual Zip Shades

manual zip curtain

manual zip blinds, by user manual is controlled as. This type of curtain covers windows using a zipper system. It also allows it to be moved to the desired position.

It has a manual mechanism to adjust the heights. Integrated into the zipper system, the fabric is neatly held in place. It does not shake due to wind or external factors.

Usage Areas of Zip Curtains

Zip Curtain Istanbul

Motorised zip shades, They are versatile products that have many uses in terms of decoration and practicality. It is preferred in many areas, from homes to offices, from hotels to camps. It attracts attention with its functionality and aesthetic designs. The most used sectors are:

  • Houses – It is widely used at home in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other interior spaces. It is an ideal option both as a decorative element and for heat and light control.
  • Offices - It provides a comfortable environment in the work area by blocking sunlight in office environments. It also improves image quality on displays by reducing glare and reflection.Zip Curtain Istanbul
  • Restaurants and Cafes – Zip curtains are used in commercial spaces such as restaurants and cafes. It both beautifies the interior and provides a comfortable atmosphere to customers. Additionally, it can be made compatible with the brand identity with special design options.
  • Hotels and Holiday Villages – It provides a stylish appearance in accommodation facilities and guest rooms. It also increases the comfort of guests. It blocks sunlight, saves energy and provides privacy.
  • Meeting and Conference Halls – It makes the presentation look better in meeting and conference rooms. By controlling the light, the desired environment can be set.
  • Stores and Retail Areas – Zip curtains are used for decorative appearance in store windows and retail areas. It is also used for indoor temperature and lighting control. It also provides privacy by limiting the view from outside to inside.
  • Educational institutions - Schools, universities and other educational institutions use it in classrooms and conference rooms. It creates a better learning and working environment thanks to its comfortable use.
  • Health institutions - It is used in hospitals, clinics, health centers and hospital rooms. It increases patients' comfort and provides privacy.

Zip Curtain Manufacturing Dimensions

Maximum manufacturing dimensions for zip curtains may vary depending on the manufacturer and curtain model. The maximum width and height dimensions of zip curtains may be within certain limits.

As standard, widths can be up to 600 cm and heights up to 300 cm. However, some manufacturers may produce larger sizes of zip curtains for special projects. Wider and higher curtains may be requested, especially for commercial or industrial uses. In this case, it is important to contact the manufacturer to inquire about special fabrication dimensions according to the project needs.

Zip Curtain Istanbul

Zip Curtain Mechanism

Zip Curtain Istanbul

zip curtain fabricZip Curtain Fabric Types and Colors

While the fabrics of zip curtains stand out with their quality, variation It is also advantageous in terms of many other shading systems. According to solar transmittance There are many types of fabrics and weaving styles. Zip curtain fabric colors It offers hundreds of options, starting from white to black. Our customers decide the best choice according to the location and place of use, with our advice.

Zip Curtain Fabric Types

automatic zip shades
automatic zip shades

The features of the zip curtain fabric are the main sources of the advantages these curtains offer. Zip curtain fabrics produced with advanced technology have the following technical features:

  • Zip perde kumaşı, %30 polyester, %30 PVC ve %40 Ferrari Formülasyon karışımından oluşur.

  • It resists UV, UVA and UVB rays to provide maximum protection.

  • Thanks to its pre-stressed structure and resistance feature, it has a thinner structure compared to other products.

  • It has waterproof feature.

  • Zip curtain fabric has a structure that does not repel dust and does not emit odor. In long-term use, it is not affected by external factors such as sunlight, wind, and does not turn yellow, fade or sag.

  • It is extremely easy to clean. It has the feature of being self-cleaned with rainwater.

  • Zip curtain fabric, which is a breathable fabric, has a structure that does not cause condensation with its perforated structure. It is coated with anti-fungal chemicals. In this way, it has antibacterial properties and does not produce fungus, mold or bacteria.

  • The desired color, pattern and logo work can be applied to the zip curtain fabric by UV printing method.

  • It has flame retardant feature and has a non-flammability certificate.

Zip curtains provide aesthetic appearance, durability and ease of use. While it effectively shades outdoor spaces, it also offers a practical solution for users.

Advantages of Zip Curtain Systems

  • Zip curtain systems, It offers a number of advantages over other shading systems. The advantages of zip curtain systems over other shading systems are:

  • Durability: Zip curtain systems are produced from strong and durable materials. In this way, it provides long-lasting use and shows resistance to weather conditions.

  • Windproof: The edges of zip curtains are fixed with a zipper system. In this way, it provides windproofing. This feature prevents the curtain from swinging or moving.

  • Sunlight Control: Zip curtains effectively control sunlight. It provides a comfortable environment indoors by blocking UV rays and protects it from the harmful effects of the sun.

  • Fly and Insect Protection: Zip curtains prevent outside flies and insects from getting indoors. Being tightly closed on the edges does not allow the passage of insects.

  • Aesthetic and Visual Attractiveness: Zip curtains offer a wide selection of colors, patterns and fabrics. This allows users to furnish their interiors harmoniously and aesthetically.

  • Ease of Use: Zip curtain systems are used easily and practically. They can be motorized or manually controlled. Automatic motorized systems can be controlled by remote control or smart devices. It makes it even easier to use.

  • Longevity: Zip curtain systems are long-lasting because they are produced from durable materials. It is resistant to weather conditions, UV rays and other external factors.

  • Advantages of zip curtain systemsis preferred over other shading systems. It provides aesthetic appearance, durability and ease of use. While it effectively shades outdoor spaces, it also offers a practical solution for users.

Zip Blinds Various Fabric Samples

Zip Curtain Istanbul

Serge Ferrari 600 Series

%5 Solar Transmittance

It is the type of fabric used in general zip curtain systems.

Zip Curtain Istanbul

Serge Ferrari %1 Series

%1 Solar Transmittance

It is used in situations where less sun permeability is desired.

Zip Curtain Istanbul

Serge Ferrari %10 Serisi

%10 Güneş Geçirgenliği

It is used in cases where more sun permeability is desired.

Zip Curtain Istanbul

Serge Ferrari 600 BO Lunar Series

%0 Solar Transmittance

Blackout is a type of sun-proof fabric.

Zip Curtain Istanbul

Serge Ferrari 600 BO Solar Series

%3 Solar Transmittance

Blackout It is a type of high quality fabric.

Zip Curtain Istanbul

Serge Ferrari 600 OUT in the jungle

%5 Solar Transmittance

Blackout It is a type of high quality fabric.

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Factors affecting the prices of automatic zip curtains are:

Size, dimensions, fabric quality, aluminum quality, design features. In addition, the installation location, brand, accessories, dollar and euro exchange rates directly affect the costs. Therefore, a net price can be given under the current conditions. To find out the price, all you have to do is contact us.

The most affordable zip curtain prices and we serve you with quality product options. To add value to your living space and create a comfortable atmosphere, our zip curtains discover.

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