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Industrial Shutter

Motorized Rolling Shutter Systems

Industrial Shutter Industrial type rolling shutters are rolling shutter systems used in large areas where large vehicles such as trucks and lorries can enter and exit. They are used in large factories and large warehouse areas, so they are also called factory shutters. The design of industrial type rolling shutters is designed to be used in factories. It is very useful and ergonomic thanks to its space-saving designs. Cranes in factories […]

Garage Shutter Systems

Automatic Apartment Garage Shutter

Garage Shutter Systems Garages are at the forefront of the areas where automatic shutters are needed in residences. Automatic garage shutters are produced in desired dimensions with materials that will provide the required features. You can choose the one that suits your needs from options such as aluminum garage shutters, galvanized steel garage shutters, polyurethane filled garage shutters. In addition, the shutter models are also quite diverse and the color options are quite large. The residences […]

Workplace Shutters

Motorized Insulation Shutter

Ensuring workplace safety, which is the common problem of almost all workplaces, is the main reason for the demand for automatic shutters. Automatic shutters have areas of use in all sections of businesses of all sizes, such as shops, shopping malls, showrooms, stores, factories, workshops, entrance doors, partitions, warehouses. Different workplaces have different needs and Sowi Engineering needs the shutter […]

Polyurethane Filled Shutter

polyurethane filled shutter profile

Polyurethane filled shutters are the ideal solution when the need for insulation is at the forefront. Polyurethane filler can be applied to both aluminum fins and steel lamellas. Depending on your needs, you can choose either aluminum polyurethane filled shutter or galvanized steel polyurethane filled shutter. Polyurethane filled shutters are very successful in providing insulation against external factors such as heat, light, humidity and sound. Especially […]

Window Shutters

Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blinds

The first application area that comes to mind when it comes to blinds is, of course, windows. Window blinds are the most demanded roller shutter systems. For many years, people have used window blinds to insulate windows, protect from sunlight, provide privacy or provide security and deterrence. While window blinds models were limited in the past, nowadays it is possible to find window blinds for every taste. New window blinds models […]

Balcony Shutters

Monoblock apartment shutters

Balcony blinds not only protect your balcony from natural events such as sun, rain, hail, storms, but also add elegance to the appearance of the building. Balcony blinds are also an extremely effective option in terms of security. It is important that the balconies, which are the most preferred part of thieves to enter the house, are sheltered. Balcony closing options such as glass balconies are not as safe and deterrent as shutters. Therefore […]

Operated Shutter

Controlled Automatic Shutter

A more practical and comfortable use can be achieved by integrating a remote control control system into automatic blinds. The controlled automatic blind system has extremely useful functions such as opening and closing the blinds at any time via the remote control, automatic closing and opening of the blinds by setting the time. Generally, the most preferred control system in motorized shutters is remote controlled shutter […]

Button Blinds

Button Motorized Shutters

The control of automatic blinds can also be easily achieved with a button. Blinds with buttons, also known as shutters with buttons, is the ideal system for people who do not need additional features such as time setting and want simple use. When installing motorized blinds, electric current is supplied by attaching an electrical line to surface-mounted or optional recessed buttons. So simply by pressing the button next to the shutter […]

Detail (With Concealed Box) Blinds

Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blinds

In blind systems called hidden blinds or detail blinds, the blinds box is placed in a hidden slot. In this way, in addition to providing a more aesthetic appearance, the box is more durable because it is inside the wall, and it provides a longer use. In detail shutters, the shutter box is placed in the specially reserved shutter slot during the rough construction. The wall in […]

Outboard Louver

Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blinds

Outboard louvers are louver systems that can be applied to all kinds of buildings, where the louver box is outside the building. These blinds, which can be applied in buildings with completed construction, PVC joinery installed and in session, are mounted on the upper part of the window. Optionally, it can be used as manual, corded, motorized, remote controlled or integrated with group control systems. There are also many model options in the outer boxed shutters and […]

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