Detail (With Concealed Box) Blinds

Shutter Systems, Outboard blinds, Monoblock boxed blinds, Automatic blinds, Venetian blinds

In blind systems called hidden blinds or detail blinds, the blinds box is placed in a hidden slot. In this way, in addition to providing a more aesthetic appearance, the box is more durable because it is inside the wall, and it provides a longer use.

In detail shutters, the shutter box is placed in the specially reserved shutter slot during the rough construction. This invisible box in the wall does not cause any problems in use, assembly or repair. Concealed shutter systems are generally used in newly constructed buildings. Unlike monoblock blinds, it can also be applied to existing buildings that are in session, but it is not preferred because it requires a laborious and costly renovation work. However, our customers, who want a more elegant appearance, especially in buildings such as detached houses, summer houses, villas, may prefer to have the walls broken, shutter slots made and hidden shutters installed.

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