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Ensuring workplace safety, which is the common problem of almost all workplaces, is the main reason for the demand for automatic shutters. Automatic shutters have areas of use in all sections of businesses of all sizes, such as shops, shopping malls, showrooms, stores, factories, workshops, entrance doors, partitions, warehouses. Different workplaces have different needs and Sowi Engineering has the expertise and product range to offer the type of shutters that all workplaces need.

Do Automatic Shutters Protect Against Burglars?

There are many security measures to be taken when it comes to protecting the workplace and the products in the workplace from thieves and malicious people. Moreover, workplaces are more vulnerable to thieves when they are closed at night. Employing a security guard and a night watchman is not a precaution that every business can afford. Moreover, thieves can achieve their goals by coining or neutralizing a spare moment of the security guard. While security cameras have some deterrent effect, they are useless to prevent theft, but they can be useful in catching thieves after theft. Alarms, like cameras, have a limited effect, and while alarms are ringing, it is not very difficult for thieves to evacuate and escape within seconds!

None of the measures that can be taken against thieves will work on their own. There is no system to protect the 0 against thieves. However, the cheapest and most effective way to protect workplaces from thieves is to install automatic shutters. Automatic shutters primarily provide deterrence against thieves. Thieves will prefer to enter more vulnerable workplaces rather than dealing with shutters. Let's say they still chose to rob the shuttered store. This time, the shutters will make the thieves' job harder and slower, at which time your existing alarm system will be activated or the thieves noticed by the surroundings will give up or be caught. Therefore, when you want to take security measures for your workplace, the first step to take is to install automatic shutters. Of course, when combined with additional security measures, the level of protection of your workplace will also increase.

Which Shutter System Is Suitable For Which Workplace?

Usually, small businesses and tradesmen just aim to provide security when shuttering their shops. In this case, the primary reason for preference is, of course, the price. However, when viewed from a wide perspective, it is not the cheapest automatic shutter at the time of assembly, but a shutter system that will best meet the price/benefit balance. By choosing the lowest cost automatic shutter option in the long run, we will meet their needs by providing a standard security.

Some workplaces need a higher level of security. Galvanized Steel Shutters, which are more resistant to impacts and are highly resistant to flammable and explosive materials, can be used in these workplaces. They are frequently used in workplaces such as Banks, Exchange Offices, Jewelers, Pharmacies, Shopping Centers.

Some business owners want their automatic shutters to be a solution to their other needs besides security. For example, some businesses such as markets, warehouses and factories may need thermal insulation. Automatic rolling doors to be installed in such areas must be made of polyurethane-filled materials that provide high-level insulation. In this way, they have shutters that save on energy costs with thermal insulation of .

Automatic store shutters, known as transparent shutters, transparent shutters or transparent shutters, are an ideal choice for businesses where the visibility of their showcases is important, such as stores and showrooms. Transparent store shutters, which provide the desired amount of opening, do not prevent the visibility of the showcase while providing security to your workplace. It offers an extremely aesthetic appearance.

What kind of shutter do you need in your workplace? Tell us about your expectations, and we will determine the workplace shutter system you need together.

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