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The first application area that comes to mind when it comes to blinds is, of course, windows. Window blinds are the most demanded roller shutter systems. For many years, people have used window blinds to insulate windows, protect from sunlight, provide privacy or provide security and deterrence. While window blinds models were limited in the past, nowadays it is possible to find window blinds for every taste. The new window blinds models add value to your building with its decorative and stylish appearance, as well as adapting to the building appearance.

Window blinds can be made as you want among all the blind systems we assemble. If you prefer automatic window blinds, you can choose from the control systems with remote or buttons. Or you can also choose manual scissor window blinds. The choice is yours…

There are also options suitable for your needs in the materials used in the window blinds. Special form aluminum extrusion lamellas or polyurethane filled, insulated aluminum lamellas can be used in the manufacture of window blinds. In addition, all materials used in shutter profiles and parts are stainless and long-lasting aluminum.

Window blinds prices are determined according to the blind model you choose and your wishes. standard louver m2 It is not possible and accurate to determine the price. After you get the width and height dimensions of your window, let us know and we will calculate the price of the blinds for you. To get a price quote for blinds, simply fill out the form below or contact us via Whatsapp or phone.

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