Monoblock Shutter

Monoblock new building shutter

Monoblock blinds are the most ideal blinds in terms of aesthetic appearance. However, they are shutter systems that can only be applied to new buildings whose joinery has not yet been made.

In monoblock blinds, the box area is hidden between the window and the wall, providing a whole and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it should be installed together with PVC in buildings that do not have PVC joinery. It is suitable for all new buildings and all brands of windows.

In monoblock shutter systems, boxes and shutters do not protrude beyond the building and window. Thus, it not only does not spoil the exterior aesthetics, but also contributes to the improvement of the appearance of the building with many model options.

Monoblock blinds, which are applied to all apartments in the building in new buildings and are generally included in smart home systems, are useful and decorative elements that add value to the residences and are preferred.

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